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Rocado cordovan usually comes in 1.8/2.0mm thickness.

By purchasing this option we can split down cordovan to your desired thickness, from 0.8mm to 1.4mm.

This option is per piece so if you would like to split more than one piece, you will need to purchase this option in the same number of cordovan pieces.

* This option can only be purchased with cordovan. (cannot be purchased alone)

* Cordovan that has been split cannot be returned.

* Split thickness cannot be 100% precise. There is always an allowance of approximately 0.2mm plus or minus in the split process. Also there may be thickness variation within one piece of cordovan.

* Splitting will require approximately one extra week.

* Rocado stamp will be removed during splitting. If you would like to add stamps after split, please purchase Additional Rocado Stamps option.

* The split layer (the one with no cordovan) will be disposed at our end.

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To avoid misunderstanding please read through below before purchasing.

Surfacing of grease

  • Rocado uses a lot of grease when tanning its shell cordovan. Sometimes this grease comes up on the surface as white shades especially when the shell goes through significant temperature change during transportation. In such case simply polish the surface with soft dry cloth and the white shades will disappear.
Grease coming up as white shades on cordovan

Variation in color and shine

  • Cordovan is natural leather, so the color and thickness may vary. In particular Rocado's cordovan has an aniline finish, so the range of color and shine variation tends to be wide especially when pieces are from different production lots. If you are purchasing multiple pieces and want to reduce the range of color/shine variation as much as possible, you should consider purchasing from the same production lot.
  • The photos are shown as an example only and the piece that you will receive will be different from the one pictured. The appearance of colors may also be different depending on your monitor.

Shipping by EMS

  • Currently we offer EMS for international shipping. EMS uses postal service of your own country for local delivery. You may need to pay duties or taxes when receiving your item depending on your country. It normally takes 5-10 days to deliver after shipment but may take more time depending on your location. A tracking number will be provided once shipment is made.


  • A return is possible only when an item has not been used, damaged, or modified in any way. There are certain products that returns are not acceptable such as cordovan that has been split or stamped, outlet items, color cards, and tags. Also depending on the condition of the returned item, there may be partial or no refund. For more information refer to our Refund policy.
Marbled shell cordovan beside a cup of coffee

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We can answer all those basic questions for you.

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